New Novella!

Eluder, a novella co-authored by Rachel Wifall and Hank James, is now available at Amazon, in paperback and eBook!

Description: From birth, Jimmy Smith has been a fierce individualist and an adrenaline junkie who cannot abide restriction. Follow him from his boyhood in upstate New York in the 1970s to his adult adventures with fast vehicles, banned substances...and the authorities.

Click on book cover to order!

Click on book cover to order!

Free eBooks!

The eBook version of Typewriter Man: Tales of WW2 will be available for FREE from tomorrow (Tuesday 9/20) through Saturday (9/24). If you acquire it during this time frame, even though it'll cost you nothing, you'll be entitled to rate it and leave your feedback, whenever you're ready to do so. I'd really appreciate that (I'm not in this for the money...). If you don't want to leave feedback, that's ok--just enjoy! Thanks!!!

Something New!

Look what's new: Typewriter Man: A Story of WWII. It's a petite volume and quite affordable..... If you enjoyed What You Need, it is sure to please.

In 1944, as Brooklyn native George Anton serves his country in England, detonating bombs, the top brass realizes he possesses another skill which they need even more: typewriter repair. He is sent to Paris, a city rollicking after its liberation from German occupation, to assist the diplomatic and intelligence corps with their communication needs. In the meantime, he befriends translator Sophie Bellamy, and together they discover a plot which may undermine Allied efforts to conquer Hitler's forces.


Reading the eBook

Technology can be confusing, I know. If you do not have a Kindle, have no fear! You can read What You Need through the website, or you can download the free Kindle Reading App, which will work on your iPad, Android device, Microsoft device, desktop, etc. I've provided a link on my main page, which will show you how to get it. Eventually, hard copies of the book will be available too. Thanks for your interest! 

At Long Last, It's Up!

...and quite affordable, I must say :-)

It's been an extended journey toward the publication of this collection, and it's a relief to finally just have it "out there." If you're interested in reading, please click on the book cover or Amazon link on my main page, to be taken to the text. I will be honored to receive your feedback, via, Goodreads, or this website. Thanks in advance for reading! I hope you enjoy.

Almost there....

I am about to release my first eBook: What You Need, on This would not have been possible without my dear friends Joy O'Meara (book designer), Colleen Christi Willett (legal counsel), and Joe Herbert (co-author of original screenplay version of "Stairways"). Artist Erich Preis contributed a wonderful painting to the project, and pianist Taisiya Pushkar accompanied me on the companion song to "Haunted Heart" (available on my homepage). Countless others provided moral support and inspiration; I love you all.

Stay tuned!